Sculpting, but half the clay each time - How SMALL can I go?!...

Objavljeno 21. jan. 2021
ENDING SOON - The Ultimate Creativity Collection!
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  • 6:02 herobrine

  • This sculpture is yelling "Gravity? Laws of Physics? What are those?"! Love it!

  • When he was doing the foil he looked like terminator

  • 5:55 was that a bit disturbing for anyone else?? ☹️😣😬

  • hmm

  • When he’s creating the eyes and mouth it looks scary

  • "I just hope he sticks together when I bake him" -jazza for a second I thought he meant something else

  • when i have nothing to do i watch jazza doing art and i do art

  • why is the small one is not sitting hi gonna be tired

  • I got a jazza ad in a jazza video…..

  • it leaves me speechless

  • 😶

  • Impressive AF!

  • this is impressive

  • I missed out on the boxes... Wish I had the cash to get them when they were out.

  • W O W

  • это же Дим Димыч

  • Freshly Baked!

  • I'm more shocked that he didn't just do the jazza avatar over and over

  • he looks like a jimmy

  • theire staring in to my soul

  • I hope you do boxes again in the future. 😭

  • I'm not gonna lie... I might see that level 9 face in my nightmares 🤔

  • It's a tobuscus tower.

  • Sad I missed the ultimate creativity collection because of the pandemic but probably best since I shouldn't be blowing that kind of money rn... hopefully in future years you may decide to do more...

  • Sooo silly... I love it!

  • No way he's making Gabriel's cake😃😃

  • How about a Jazza ash tray. Im sure it would be amazing.

  • Pain.

  • I just love it

  • This is cool and trippy 😁

  • Haha, what did your family say when they saw your adorable little sculpture on a sculpture on a sculpture......? lol

  • This video makes me want to play with polymer clay

  • Level nine is like my level of sculpting skills at the scale of the first one made. (As in level one. )

  • 16:57 POV: you reminded the teacher about the homework.

  • haha I love it!! i have a question though, which one of the copic sketch 72sets is the best? A,B,C,D or E?

  • The character kinda looks like the twat from ‘Control+Alt+Delete’ (A terrible web comic)

  • He looks like the operation guy from the board game with the hair and face

  • It's so trippy to look at.

  • This was his first video I saw.... Now I’m obsessed

  • You could keep going forever if you were able to make infinitely small clay sculptures and sorta ignored how matter is composed

  • I absoloutely LOVE this!!

  • 6:04 oh oh no just no

  • E

  • He even finishes the first sculpture around half the time

  • I love the feeling of clay, and it is just really satisfying ☺️ This looks absolutely stunning

  • Great job!

  • If there was a level 11 it would just be Morph

  • What happens when the sculpture is possessed... 16:34

  • The level nine face reminded me of the puppet from FNAF

  • You forgot the tong

  • Oh no it's the end of the month

  • You should have halved the video for each sculpture

  • Sorry if this offends some,but the poor kid looks like a mix of Pinocchio and Scooby’s Owner

  • Jazza how old are you

  • Why does it lowkey look like Tubbo lol

  • Sculpting but it gets bigger everytime?

  • When u thinking what u would do if jazza was ur dad

  • 1:55 when I can’t get enough sleep before school

  • the big one is holding a smaller one and the smaller on is holding a smaller one... kind of like a old version is holding a older version

  • That’s cool

  • He: put metal in oven. Me :instantly think it gonna blow up. Me again: never mind. Not a microwave.

  • That’s impressive sculpting.

  • This is epic

  • Incestual families be like

  • I really do love the changes you've made to the channel. You've kept your iconic light-hearted nature and fun while not being immature. You're so much fun to watch Jazza :)

  • I really want the sculpting one! Update: noooo it's already sold

  • Jazz a has the same sketch book as mr

  • At first I didn’t like the level 1 sculpture, but after seeing the level 9 one, level 1 is like the Mona Lisa

  • I cant lie that first one had a A $ $

  • Jazza makes brown clay also jazza in his head : it kinda looks like the color of poop i kinda want to try it

  • 6:26 Flashbacks to that one scene in Toy Story.

  • 16:35 thanks for the seizure

  • 6:05 I’m going ing to have nightmares

  • Can you make a siren head? I have a hack, do one part at a time then add them all together just before you bake it

  • 16:43 The smallest guy says : WEEEEEEEE

  • I luv ur vids!!!!!!!!I even sub

  • Why do I wanna eat the black and white clay....😐😐


  • Mild flash warning

  • The second to last one looks like fucking purple guy

  • Nice idea, and cool result A bit like russian dolls You should draw the smallest guys face with a fine line black pen 😋

  • Watching this while using my jazza sculpture kit!


  • Somthing about him not having eny teeth is uncanny...

  • Jazzas hands bother me.

  • How many times did you smell your hands during doing this or is it just me who likes the smell of clay on my hands

  • Why does he look like the boy from the Iron Giant-

  • This is cool. I bought bake clay few days ago. I have always wanted to play with them since I were young.

  • It hard to be the first but impossible to be the last -me and probably another person?

  • In the end I just had flash backs of The Cat in the Hat Returns where each cat had another cat in the hat under their hat.. till the got all the way to tiny little cat z.. which was so small you could even see, little cat z..

  • Man I wish I had your talent!

  • They are too cute! 😂

  • They have no teeth so they are just going to gum their victims to death

  • This is a very funny sculpture group 😂🤣 but I think the white parts of the eye are too large

  • Requiem, Da.

  • 7:37 eekm bookm

  • 6:06 my new sleep paralysis demon

  • Every stage makes the face look creepier

  • their in weicht carrieng there self