PAINTING in Microsoft WORD!? - It works so well!!

Objavljeno 25. jan. 2021
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  • So when's this book releasing?

  • Picasso

  • microsoft programs: exist jazza:lets draw with it

  • Isn't this just the story of Watch Dogs Legion?

  • Your aussie right?

  • Make 3D artwork using paint 3D (because i have and i would say its good)

  • 4:19 the examples in the math text book be like

  • awww jazza your son is getting so big from when i last saw him he is very cute

  • I use excel at work to make pixel art, play "Minecraft", and make my knitting patterns. I alwayd leave it up on the second screen, and my coworkers get a kick out of it.

  • NOWAY 🤯

  • When Jazza digital art is better than my actual art 👁👄👁

  • I love having an add for your skill share class before watching this video, all the Jazza

  • me who knows that the VoiceOver when jazza dove into it is just the reboot.exe intro

  • That story, though. I want to see this as a comic

  • Watching jazza then a commercial with taking lesson from jazza pops up

  • Drawing on Paper - It actually works really well!

  • When his son came in to check out his Link 🥺 that was so sweet! As a huge Zelda fan myself, I must say, the shield and sword look really cool my dude.

  • This is just proof that you don't need expensive art programs to create art. If you wanna do that, go for it. But when it comes to art: skill and creativity is everything.


  • Others : I should use word from now on. Me : *can’t use word because I have a mac*

  • Your anime style improved greatly from the last one I watched.

  • Jazz’s make this an anime please

  • This should be an anime

  • I like this MC paint palitte on preview

  • I have just a laptop computer, try to draw with your fingers on the tablet. Love to see you try it ... Well Impossible after a while, you will just be frustrated

  • This was a pro-gamer move. Wow.

  • i see airplane and thought oh no airplane city on fire this cant end well.... but the plane just flew away ok that looks better.

  • Book idea, anyone? That last drawing was a sick book idea

  • Jazza, you’ve been playing a lot of Cyberpunk 2077 haven’t you? But seriously... the story is dope.

  • Hi I'm new to this channel and was wondering what that thing was on your hand also Love the VID ITS real cool.

  • that "word" joke at the start of the video just absolutely reeks of dad energy

  • And here I thought he was going to try and draw with just the mouse (instead of a tablet) so he could feel the pain of trying to draw anything that didn’t look like you were having a seizure or there was an earthquake while you were making it. Those are the real MS Paint memories I have 😂

  • 3:26 even the fox plush approves

  • The lines in this look so good probably because the line lags behind the stylus and just estimates the points of contact, which leads to a smoother line

  • Would you believe me if I said I was thinking that would be a fantastic character backstory for a dnd/tabletop rpg game as Jazza was telling the story? Like I swear I was thinking "damn, Jazza should make this into a rpg character!"

  • Every time I get confused or doubtful on how tools may work for Jazza, I'm always delightfully shocked and/or entertained. And each time, no matter how simple, or how silly I feel like I learn **something** too! Dear Jazza I'm always honored to be a fan, and a fellow artist with ya. Thank you ❤

  • i love how for a long time he just described The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys by Gerard Way the guy even nailed the year

  • 7:18 Line, line, line, line, line, line THE CITY OF TOWNSVILLE

  • I’m hungry

  • cool story


  • 4:05

  • i was about to say 'damn what a story, it should be an actual thing like a film or a book or a game storyline' then jazza goes on to say that it already is *sortf* a game storyline

  • Love the texture in your final drawing!

  • This is a very cool one and I love sharing what can be done with a basic program like word!!

  • I’m sorry this is late but happy bday

  • I ugh created a PowerPoint movie when I was 12.. this video brings back so many memories of me just dragging dropping shapes and then copying new slide past move an inch etc lol until i had a 20 frame by second animation

  • your kids cute

  • Which pen are you using?

  • If anyone doesnt see the draw tab (as I didnt), its hidden by default on any device that doesnt have a touch screen, but you can enable it by right-clicking next to the any of the tabs it does show, and clicking "customize the ribbon"

  • I am dying. Screw professional art program, I'm getting a stylus.

  • Really flexing those storytelling talents and drawing talents

  • Microsoft now needs to add layers on WORD

  • dude i want to make that a video game that idea is amazing.

  • I've used MS Word to make art and little animatins in the past. it's p entertaining.


  • Jazza, thank you so much for introducing your Tabletop Time channel to me! This is the video that sucked me into the Reboot.exe universe that you guys created, and it is my favorite campaign so far! I never thought I could be so interested in a mostly improvised story, but my imagination is running!

  • Pro's story sounds like a futuristic Levi Ackerman coming out of the Underground...

  • Ur son is so cute

  • I actually used to draw in word instead panit

  • I hate your kid

  • You know there is a whole 3D shapes app auto installed on Microsoft computers? Just wondering.

  • try pro create yes it costs money but you'd be suprised

  • ngl, was really good. you should make it to a movie, id watch it

  • He can draw better drawings in here then i can in pixel art programs

  • The story he said was actually a movie that i can't remember the name of

  • i really want this to be either an anime or a novel to read/watch...

  • As THE WORD ARTIST, I approve this message

  • mans really just wrote the sequel to Ready Player One

  • "People with nothing left to lose finally had something to gain by standing and fighting."

  • Jazza: Just you wait Me: Was that a Hamilton reference!?

  • 10/10 would DEFINITELY watch that game turned into an animated movie drawn by Jazza! 😄👍

  • With this story and the one from “making the strongest character”, everyone knows jazza was meant to be an author

  • Now you need to use microsoft word to create frames for powerpoint animations :)

  • Photoshop eat your heart out

  • This has to be a movie

  • Am I the only one who thought “the triforce around it” was weird blonde hair?


  • Microsoft Word, amazing art program...but can it consistently format the gaps between paragraphs or allow me to neatly format my tables without messing up? NOT A CHANCE.

  • You need to work in the movie industry

  • Lol I feel justified now for using Excel to make pixel art

  • If I had a Twitter Account and a Microsoft Office license, I'd just use the Word Art feature to type "Word Art", and then tweet it with #WordArtWithJazza, just as a joke. I know I'd have no chance of winning the Amazon Code this way, but it's just too funny.

  • make it a move

  • Little did Jazza know, *he made a billion dollar movie idea...*

  • I want these boxes so much!!😳😲😰😫

  • When u thinking what u would do if jazza was ur dad

  • 13:05 😂 💀 why did I think Jazza was Gordon Ramsey for a second?

  • You should try 3D Paint from Microsoft or just Paint!!

  • I literally learned that jazzas a dad today and ive been watching off and on for like 5 years

  • This story needs to be made into a ya dystopian series its got all the components ❤️❤️❤️ your art!

  • ooo i make art with shapes on google slides

  • HOLD UP, is that the fox from the Little Prince?! Or am I just making random connections? xD Well, either way, it's a cute toy to have.

  • The story he's describing is 100% trans-humanism, aka the biggest threat to human rights of our generation.

  • Doing art with text would be incredible

  • 1:39 luffy!

  • This reminds me of elementary school when everyone would spend the entire class making one overly complicated powerpoint slide that looks cool and then get none of the actual assignment done

  • Whoever in the programming staff that took the time to code in a working and decent art program in WORD.... Ya'll the best XD

  • cool video

  • The story is so cool! And the picture looks so good (allthough I don't like Microsoft I give them credits for the tools).

  • Legit a possible Netflix series