Objavljeno 21. feb. 2021
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  • Nooo the schliech! Lol😂

  • Me when I klick on the video be like "YES I LOVE RUINING CHILDHOODS!!!"

  • At least he didn't cut himself with something pathetic, like scissors, which has happened to me multiple times

  • he did the mash, el Munster mash


  • Barny

  • All i have to say is why but ok

  • I have a new project to do on monday

  • How much would it cost

  • This effort and time deserves smash like

  • Yes

  • Nooo i m 9 year old

  • That thing is freaky LOL I LOVE IT!!! for some reason it looks like creatures from the movie critters if they fully stood up lol!

  • That is maybe the hardest challenge ever!

  • Thanks sid phillips

  • The dinosaur-face looks like the imp from Doom 1 & 2.

  • The baby doll is scary enough.

  • This was amazing! I started watching Draw with Jazza years ago. I am happy that Jazza is taking an opportunity to explore a different medium, his excitement is certainly showing through the video :D I haven't really seen anything quite like this before, I definitely look forward to seeing more! Also, I am interested in checking out the other artists in this video, thank you!

  • Cuts himself while opening a Band-Aid

  • You made bigfoot

  • What is the material he used for the landscape

  • everytime i watch yours videos i get a skillshare add with you in them

  • That's collecta pachycepholsauras

  • Now I know where sid is

  • You’re that kid from toy story but older lol

  • I got an ad for your online class Jazza

  • Perfect!

  • Sid from toy story: I got to say I'm a huge fan

  • Children:hey mom can we buy toys *after they got there* Children:WHERE'S THW TOYS :((((((

  • Omg WTF it reminds me off where the wild things are

  • Jazza: "weird beaked fish." Parrot fish: sad noises

  • Guys if found the kid from toy story one its scary cause hes adult now

  • I would buy this 🪱

  • Sid from toy story and his friends in 2021

  • Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah fun nnnnnny

  • I had an ad with Jazza in it. It was Skill Share and I was like- just. Wow

  • Try mounting the model to the top of a pill bottle with hot glue when you sculpt. You can use the bottle as a handle so you don't muck up the textures you already worked on.

  • He is like that evil guy from toy story

  • I just got a add with jazz

  • Thats barny right there lol

  • Literally Jazza after cutting himself:Be careful safety is important! (Two seconds later):*cuts open bandaid pack with knife*

  • Matt Mercer would be proud! I love this!

  • That gorilla thicc tho

  • I want Jazza to make more colouring and drawing videos

  • It's seems like a Toy from the bedroom of the evil kid in Toy Story

  • Jazza’s favorite word muck 🤣😂😂😂

  • Plot twist: this is a toy story movie

  • I shall call him Phil

  • Its funny as i went to watch this i got a ad with him in it

  • I just got an ad with jazza

  • Can I buy one?

  • This is what Sid would become if woody didn’t scare him by talking to him

  • He’s Sid from Toy Story but updated lol 😂

  • This Is Nice. If This Was In A Store Im Buying It This Is Amazing

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


  • When he cut his finger on with the scalpel, I felt that. The reason being that I actually cut my self by accident with a scalpel as well. What happened was that I was working on a cardboard dragon statue, which I do will have, and had to remove some tape. When cutting off some very stubborn pieces of tape, I sliced my pinky.

  • jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja

  • This dude is Sid from toy story

  • me this toy anint shit

  • .

  • If he giting into table top games he could use his monster it could be the monster of nightmares

  • I couldn't bear to see him cut into those statues because Schleich is expensive😭

  • He it’s cid from toy story (sorry I can’t write he’s name)

  • You did really good

  • I thought only my dad ruined toys to make something.

  • Are you kidding me man,your video doesn't receive allot of love??? You have one freaking million views in this one only,i can't imagine how much you have in others as well.SLnumber algorithm compliments mostly channels like yours because you draw attention the most as bigger channels i believe.Yeah tubes algorithms are screwed as a whole because of them,but you have a really good amount of views with the work you have over there so have patience!

  • Jazza bulid a big mega hone monster please🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • It looks like a Godzilla monster

  • It would look so cool to see a crration

  • The ones that you can move the many joints

  • Can you make an abomanation only out of five nights at freddys funky figures

  • You should make a display case and backdrop for this!

  • Looking for something from Meatcanyon or Humor Waffle. The Happy Meal toy I always wanted.

  • ITS BARNY scary but still ITS BARNY

  • Rip the toys that died in this video

  • only issue is that the terrain is so clearly layered

  • Show these to annoying kids and they will cry 🤪😝🤣

  • You men i love cats 🐈

  • Toy murderer :(

  • Children’s toys are already scary minus the toys

  • This is how cid the kid was born form toy story’s

  • 11:18 scientists are still wondering what this is to this day

  • Did he cut himself%?

  • 10:33 Thanos color

  • Jazza: cuts himself Also Jazza: cuts open the band-aid

  • Wat areyou do?

  • reminds me of Sid from toy story

  • *Toy story flashbacks*

  • Time to make their fantasy world into a corrupted world hahahahahahaha🦹‍♂️

  • Sid from toy story is that u bro

  • Damn sid chill 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • My wife and I love you.

  • Pretty sure the card he keeps calling the beak is supposed to be a crab claw...

  • So this is what sid grew up to do

  • Are you even crazy now why do you even scare children and make monsters but how can you even make a monster??!

  • 'All are Stinger.'

  • Plant .get plant

  • Can you make another monster of the other toys you bought