I was sent 100 RANDOM Art Supplies - I have regrets...

Objavljeno 5. feb. 2021
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  • Erm... I think I got the wrong box? Where's my Ipad? 😂 This was an amazing experience, I loved every moment of the..... oh lets call it Hell, you put me through HAHA. I absolutely LOVE what you created, far exceeded anything I imagined, I've even made a space on my wall for it. THANK YOU AGAIN, Art dream come true!

  • i for got i was sub to ADCArtAttack

  • AD/DC isn’t Australian🤨😂

  • Before: Jazza: Lez put shit in it. ADC: I'll put some little art lovelies here :) After: Jazza: Oh my gosh they are amazing! ( regrets the trash he put lol! ) ADC: Well, a box of crap, brilliant. Me watching this: HAHAHAHAHEHEHEHE!!!!

  • I wanna see Jazza Collab with AC/DC or Wolfmother now.


  • Thoseee googly eyes

  • Send me

  • Send ADC the iPad and Nintendo switch

  • 😂 In Jazza’s defense, chucking random stuff in a box was also what I first thought when I heard him say the challenge 😂😂😂

  • ''pillar men theme starts playing''

  • I mean the collab still worked as I now watch all of Anthony's videos. Jazza, all I can say is that you lived upto your obnoxious but consistent motto 😂😂😂

  • someone please give art materials

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • and here we learn that Jazza is Cheap AF and ADC is a Thoughtful, caring individual.

  • Sounds like a proper UKAUS collaboration....one is thought out to the point of over necessity...and the other one is because everything needs to be about being a random ****. Yet, both of you did a good job! 😂

  • after receiving those art supplies ADC would have been "thunderstruck"

  • Would you of interpreted that I was thinking he was going to do a superhero who was half duck sitting on a building looking down at a lake with a hurricane or something like that is so crazy to see how other people's minds work that's so creative

  • I like ADCs work more because it does not only look better but is far more creative in ways with the limited amount of material of questionable quality that Jazza's creation has not been this round (it could be the guilt). But dear Jazza if you read this, please don't take my opinion to your heart. Your work is very awesome, you are the only artist I have watched regularly till now and I love your childish and playful approach and the glee in your eyes when they light up in wonder whenever you have another awesome idea thats gonna catch any of your viewers of guard. keep on. The second part was dedicated to you after you uploaded an interesting video about criticism from other and self criticism as an artist. You deserve more praise and never lose this really childish but funny side of yours. Greetings from Bavaria.

  • ................velcro?

  • Lol I saw discovered ADC like 10 minutes ago before I saw this video and I've been watching u for years. I found out about this video from his video lol


  • Sooooo.... are we going to see the sequel to this where Jazza gets a bunch of crap and ADCArtAttack gets all the goodies?

  • ₺₺"=*@2'iisiiwğğwğğwsiaiiwiaqğqüqüqqqqq2@2@3@@@

  • Lol, ever thought about sending a "***hole box" to someone else? kinda curious what could be made. If you are interested, feel free to message me.

  • The hope one day i can do a calab with jazza.

  • The blow pen video was the very first jazza video I watched, and was blown away! I went on to watch hours of videos after and every new video since

  • Hi

  • WOW! I just happened upon your video, and, boy, did I enjoy it!!! Your art depicting you "attacking" Anthony with all the stuff you sent him was fabulous! What a mind you have! You are a fabulous ARTIST!!! Now, I'm gonna go see Anthony on his channel.....I'll come to visit you again !!! Stay COOL!

  • anyone else notice that when the counter hits 69 it says nice lol

  • 😂 this was so much fun. Poor guy.

  • Is that the Demon Duck Lord from No Epic Loot Here Only Puns???

  • can some1 pls help. i dont have a fineliner but will a regular pen work with alcohal-based markers or should i use like a sharpie or something


  • 2:16 I think I heard a whimper from Anthony.

  • That was fun too watch

  • Goddammit, Jazza. Even I feel bad for ADC.

  • Me just realizing I have the same rainbow pen 🤣😂

  • Typical Jazza, chaotic good

  • Okay you pushed Anthony delivered!!!!

  • 3:43 nice

  • 69 "nice"

  • *Me who watched a charcoal blending tutorial once and think im an expert* TISSUE! USE A TISSUE IN CIRCULAR MOTION-

  • Do a only makeup artwork

  • Great Idea, do art with make up

  • Hope he forgives u for the crap u bestowed upon him 🤣😊

  • Oh wait sorry I didn't watch the whole video😑 I'm annoying😂😂

  • Jazza: Ima just tick em off😊 ADC: He's gonna make something beautiful!!!😇😇

  • Dude that said "Quack." so its supposed to be a duck or goose or something 😑

  • Love the depth on that piece honestly! Super jazza

  • Meanwhile most of us have no way to have good art supplies... I'm bitter I know... Sorry

  • .

  • Lol

  • Jazza just sent a box of CHAOS

  • In the middle of the time lapse and add said “by puffs today” and ruined the effect :(

  • The "69 - Nice" tho hahahah

  • Yea think round two you send Good supplies and he sends random trash lol

  • I was hoping it was going to be AC/DC

  • Why was I expecting a duck to be the enemy? The quacken.

  • Need a round 2 please as soon as possible! Great job the both of you!

  • I was on board until the velcro. As a cosplayer I could find some use out of them, but still :D But hey, the rules were unclear. Can't be surprised with a gag master like you 😂

  • Jazz’s making the box of supplies: Random bullsh*t, go!!!

  • Anthony: here my artistic friend! I hope you can make a nice piece of art with what I sent you😁 Jazza: Random Bullshit! Go!!!🤣

  • The unaccountable rifle interestedly attract because hail partially point failing a chivalrous character. decisive, waggish opinion

  • 4:09 I just imagined that he's see a bunch of crayons and just grab them all with one hand and then he'll find the scissors

  • 3:43 if you pause at just the right moment you'll see in the top right.... Nice 👌

  • This was the best collaboration ever ❤️

  • That drawing is not just nice... it's Jazza-mazing!

  • for a good moment I thought the reveal of the art he made for you being pixilated was because it was too rude to show on youtube. Like, he was just like "THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF YOUR TRASH"

  • Depiction of Truce

  • Round 2 jazza gets the chaos box and adc gets the good one!

  • You gave him trash I disliked

  • Those Stabilo markers are awesome. They were my all-purpose couloured pens when I was in school, so I guess I abused them quite a lot, but hey. Fun times.

  • I can’t get over the way he destroyed that watercolor my heart aches

  • 🔥❤❤

  • Love this 👍 literally just subscribed to both not too long ago. You both inspired me to pick up a pencil for the first time in 15 ish years which prompted me to buy my first set of alcohol markers. Having my two boys ( eldest being 3) also helped bring back the child within that I had forgotten. Great video bud and keep inspiring..

  • i honestly thought anthonys poem was about a wereduck. like a werewolf. but a duck.

  • Where the Jojo reference comment?!

  • Little tip, not that you need any help😂 but why don’t you try, after you paint the background, to stop it from lifting and getting crinkly making it hard to work on, sandwich the paper between to heavy books or object, this will flatten the paper making it a bit easier to work on after with all the finer detailing🤗

  • Uau eu amei!

  • they literally just complimented each other's personalities here.

  • If this was a competition, I have to say... ADCArtAttack won this one hands down. Jazza is amazing, but ADC was given trash and he actually used all of it.

  • You’re so good at trusting the process. Every time I watch a video I stress about how u could possibly make something look perfect and then u do it

  • 😑😑😑 I didn't know AC-DC was australian... i feel dumb

  • I have a fuzzy rainbow pen too. ...but my son ripped all the fuzz off...

  • Awesome collaboration!

  • So I feel like ADC sent Jazza things he would use to create art. And I feel like Jazza sent ADC things that would inspire him to make art. As much as he thinks he's an @$$, I think they both embodied their own art spirits.

  • You should make a three dee one off that

  • 3:43 I see that nice on the 69...

  • When he read “Quack” from the note I couldn’t help but think; DUCKS SAY QUACK!

  • 2:13 JAZZA putting tablets and Nintendo switches in package. *Is this supposed to be art related?* ZHC:- smiles with 19 Million idiots!

  • 3:43 The editeryer man knows what he is doing, I mean look in top right corner

  • Jazzy man was expecting to get 4 markers a plunger and an eyelash and he got gods' utensils. AcdcArtAttacker guy must be so mad

  • You should do an artwork only using what you send him now jazza haha

  • I liked how he used the watercolour for the job of the ink sticks without knowing lol

  • *LOL*

  • Jazza’s box is just the “Random bullsh*t go!” Meme in a nutshell

  • Wow mate! lol I just cant.......

  • Adults say: read the card first! Jazza says: we'll read that last! Jazza may be my spirit animal...

  • Extreme Decluttering: Jazza Edition