Objavljeno 11. nov. 2020
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  • Dude vikings never used machines like now

  • 14:56 Those eyes look really creepy..

  • This guy is talented as hell

  • this video came out on my birthday

  • Okay but why is jazza surrounding a would sculpture in fire at the end

  • The end result is cool and all, but why do those eyes terrify me

  • can't wait for the next Assassin's Creed.

  • The pupils should have been carved out wards not inwards.

  • 4:20 "Idear"

  • im a little sad you used so many modern tools, mainly in the end. it removed the carve marks and robbed you of what is in my opinion, the most satisfying part, the detail carving. i hope you will revisit wood carving with hand tools some day. if done right and your tools are sharpened, then the finished product is silky smooth. and detail carving causes a lot less strain on the body, either with small taps for the mallet, or just pushing the tool with a bit of pressure.

  • Is it just me or does he look like he’s going to kill someone when he’s intensely doing an artwork no just me

  • I'm a viking, jealous?

  • Hey, what do you call a race between an illustrator and a woodcarver... Grand artismo Daily dad joke accomplished

  • Wear a mask, mate. Wood dust is really bad for your lungs and can cause permanent damage.

  • I didn’t know the Vikings had power tools

  • That dead eyes looking inside of your soul 14:54

  • As of wood artist myself, I really enjoyed that segment. But please for the love of God, never throw your carving tools onto each other !!! They can get dull and break off. The sound of clanking metal should give you an anxiety attack. I am very impressed with your work!

  • Its really good but the 👀 are kinda creepy like hes shocked maybe they needed to be a bit smaller or they missed something

  • My eyes are itching watching this

  • The sculpture looks like he got stabbed, wide eyed

  • Next up Carving a Block of Lead

  • So.. Dragon next??

  • You should try a softer wood next time bud. I bet it will go much smoother. This looked very difficult, great work as always, I like that you try something new, because you just might surprise yourself

  • Yeah, vikings were crazy with their power tools, electricity and shit...

  • "I sculpted like a viking" as he uses every power tool under the sun to carve it . bet vikings didnt have those!!

  • Imagine they troll jazza and the wood blocks are just hollow lmaoooo

  • I would be happier if it was Grigori Rasputin doing this but hey atleast its someone who can run a good pub

  • I got jazzas skill share add before the video😅

  • It’s amazing. You are so talented!

  • I thought that guy was obione konibe

  • Reminds me of an old saying. "How do you carve an elephant out of a block of marble? Easy... you simply cut away everything that isn't an elephant." In this case, you simply carved away everything that didn't look like you. Cheers, Dick from Vancouver.

  • Is there any art form/medium you aren't amazingly talented at?

  • How I feel after an art project and it came out good 14:50

  • 7:47 he most likely said that because he copied art at the beginning of his career

  • You could've carved your Jazza avatar.

  • Eivor is a girl’s name. It’s like having a cowboy game with the main character being called Mary Sue or something… Glad you could choose to be a woman!

  • this is not "like a viking"

  • fantastic

  • Sometimes i wonder if i'm related to vikings because i'm Norwegian

  • Vikings had the best power tools.

  • Amazing 😍🙌😤☀️🍂🌌

  • 0:14 , did he just grow a beard?

  • 1:51 That roman looking soldier be like: I HAVE THE POWER OF GOD AND ANIME ON MY SIDE!

  • Next carving: a bust of Aristotle

  • I really like how it turned out, also looks like a lot of fun I wish I could do stuff like that without my chornic pain getting in the way!

  • Cool. Now Carve garreth

  • Like a viking using electric tools. xD

  • Judging by this, Jazza is like that one main character, who is introduced to something he has no idea about and just absent mindedly destroys the other newbies

  • Jazza: I carve wood like a Viking Me: oh cool, so he’ll use like an axe and chisels Jazza: *starts using power tools* Me:... eh.... should’ve seen it coming

  • Jazza: “I tried WOOD CARVING like a VIKING” First 10 second of the video: **Jazza using power tools**

  • Wear a mask please, wood dust is dangerous if inhaled.

  • My father was an artist and he did wood carving for a living. It's very beautiful to look at and fun to do yourself, but it's extremely dangerous! Those tools are sharp af

  • Carving is a blast.

  • good effort!!

  • Im a wood carving. I carve certain type of crafts from the island

  • but what about Margo.

  • Great job bro. Tip/hack for carve details in portraits. Using different grit sand paint in certain spots with add more details in look. Examples, hitting some spots of skin surfaces ( rough vs soft skin, ) also in hair. The finer the grit in thin spots can give the shinny look like highlights when the light hits it. Keep up you good work.

  • you really should have had on a respirator in that small of a space.

  • Safety tip: hard woods cause nasal cancer. So FFP3 masks if you're doing this a lot. Love the vid👍

  • Imagine if you are sleeping and he is sitting at your nightstand and staring at you in middle of night

  • oh hey its Skallagrim

  • That is actually so amazing! Very very well done Jazza!👍🏻👍🏻

  • ah yes because we all know vikings had spinning saws for carving their wood.. just like a viking

  • when did vikings invented the grinder machine :D

  • Maybe try using a projector to overlay the full scale image onto the work piece without it physically getting in your way. It seems like a good idea in my head at least.

  • is your dog a goldendoodle because me and my fam got one recently and he looks the same as Margo and his name is Mac

  • You look do cool with a beard! And the sculpture is gorgeous))

  • 12:18 Sounds like Two Steps from Hell music

  • @jazza, great work man! What type of grinding wheel are you using on the Makita around 03:30 and 03:55?

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  • Accept lord jesus christ as your lord and savior lets praise the lird god together accept the greatest gift that god had gave us

  • The only place I heard the word "viking" was while I was watching a movie

  • My absolute favorite videos to watch of Jazza are the ones where he tries something new! He always nails it! So motivational and inspirational!

  • midway it just looks like big ed

  • Like a viking!!

  • Me through the entire video: Plead did your beard

  • arent gloves and rotating powertools a big nono?

  • We’re gonna pillage and plunder Yeah...

  • And you even grew a beard...

  • I can already smell the wood from here

  • Jake the viking would be so proud of you jazza.

  • How are you good at everything

  • Valhalla

  • from a modern viking living in Norway, you have gained my aprowell.

  • I can see that u are a noob,if u do something erong just save before and when u do the mistake just start from ur save

  • it was raining wood literally most of the video, 'it's raning wood from out the sky, wood, no need to ask why..'

  • its sooo good though

  • i liked it more without the paint

  • Ubisoft's marketing team are making excellent decisions in sponsoring your vids, i expect ubisoft to fire them and replace the entire marketing division with loot boxes soon.

  • Great job! Carving on wood is an intense, wonderful experience

  • My favorite part of this channel is your ventures into all the various mediums out there. So much fun to watch.

  • Flipbook?

  • Was there molly in Viking days?

  • Why is every youtuber whome I am watching is making videos related to viking

  • 13:38 Vincent? Is that you?!?!

  • As a Swede I would be proud 2 own that vikingsculpture! 🥰😍

  • company when they ask normal person to sponsor their video: *gets a 10 second boring description of the game* company when they ask jazza: *gets whole ass wood craving that took many many hours to create with insane dedication, while the whole video is pretty much a sponsor*

  • Glass eyes and some metal.

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  • Needs more tentacles