Why you're Sketching WRONG and how to FIX IT!

Objavljeno 17. feb. 2021
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  • But how you draw that sketch lol...anyways this is extremelyhelpful

  • Thank you Jazza! I really love to see that you once again did a useful tutorial video! Awesome! Thank you for coming back to your origins!

  • You are an amazing teacher. Great to see you doing a 'How To' video again.

  • What does he use when he draw it?

  • I like the idea of more drawing tips n tricks! This was really interesting.

  • Finally, a Jazza video that isn't clickbait crap! Well done Jazza.

  • I’m only 33 seconds in I felt like I just discovered alchemy in the real world like FMA transmutation

  • ok so next time i draw a stick figure i'll try this out.

  • 5:54, was that the hunchback of Norte dame

  • I've also been a lifelong doodler and learning to use references took my art game to an entirely different level. G.I. Joes and super-articulated Star Wars figures make for great reference photos and if you need a specific pose, Adorkastock (formerly SenshiStock) has more super-specific reference photos than you can shake a stick at!

  • This helped me so much- Tysm!!!!! :D

  • Could you explain last video

  • Left looks like papyrus and right looks like sans

  • I read the title as “Why you’re skeletoning wrong and how to fix it” and I got really excited

  • Did i here the wii theme song????

  • If you die and have nice teeth they steal your skull and use it for schools and pictures.

  • LOL. I love when you're saying you're a kinesthetic learner but your learning process is so lacking... This is a good video to talk about it because you're filling the gap for other people here. There was a video where you were learning how to light up art with LEDs - that was proper. Kinesthetic flow consists of four steps: 1. challenge, 2. trial+error, 3. conclusion, 4. confirmation. Confirmation is what you're giving in this video. Without confirmation people have no idea how effective their methodology of overcoming a challenge is because their conclusion might be incorrect. Without confirmation you usually learn how to do something very well... the long way. You know "this" takes you closer to overcoming the challenge and "that" doesn't. You rarely know why. This is because statistically the majority of people unconsciously *knows* they're better at doing stuff than the... majority of people. Therefore their conclusion must be most of the time correct, right? In reality 9 out of 10 conclusions formulated in kinesthetic learning process is somehow incorrect. Teacher's job is to correct them in a short amount of time. That correction (confirmation) is the part where you actually learn. It's really hard to learn why stuff happens when you do things when learning by practice, requires extremely high number of experimentation, i.e. repetition but with variations. How high? Since 9/10 conclusions is prone to logic, by math, without the teacher it takes approximately 10x longer to find confirmation. I could talk about learning processes for days... xD

  • This was so bloody handy! Thank you! I actually started giving up on drawing because of my sketching ability

  • Well put. I actually understood this and needed to hear it. Thank you

  • Mmm... as a digital artist, who is now entirely spoiled by layers, it's all a smoother process. Rough sketch first, then low opacity to refine the sketch above that, and repeat process for line work above that

  • All my art classes I’ve taken (not college level though) never once was sketchy multiple times mentioned. They always focused on refined. Get reference photos and sketch lightly erase gently. Made it a bit less free and I’m going to try and untrain my brain bc this looks a lot more relaxing and freeing w better results.

  • This is the kind of video that I originally started watching @Jazza for. I know you like to keep it fresh and do new things, but _please_ keep making instructional drawing videos too. :)

  • Very good and helpful video👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Thank you so much, this has helped a lot. :)

  • I think what most people (myself included) is that most body parts come in what the name is, parts!

  • wait wait wait wait wait, 21??? or 31??? I don't believe I am older than you, NOOOOOOOOOO !!!!

  • Rough sketch: ah beautiful Clean sketch: 💩 Coloring: 👌💀

  • what was going on in his last video tho??

  • Hey buuuuudy, what was that last one

  • i dont know this seams kind of sketchy

  • What Ink pen did he use for the skulls?

  • MOAR drawing videos please!!

  • This makes it soooo much easier to understand... I love you jazza

  • How fortunate am I that I happened upon your channel, I have some binge watching Jazza do. Thanks for being so generous. Karen Vancouver Island Canada

  • nostalgia...we are back with the tutorials and the do and don’t...I learned this from you when I was still in elementary. Thanks for the tips. I bet a lot of artists has come to Jazza for help. very helpful video👍

  • Jazza is younger than me T.T meh, I probably should have continue drawing when I was eleven XD Or better, should have never stopped. Bummer.

  • 0:34 I when from: 🙂to: 😦

  • Man, I miss these kinds of videos. Great instruction and your visual presentation of the topics (e.g. video editing) is so much better now than it was at the beginning of your channel. Thanks for this.

  • Thanks for the tips :D

  • Thanks I now am artist 🎨

  • Hey I doubt this'll go anywhere in the sea of joke comments, but I thoroughly enjoyed this and would love more like this. "Not a tutorial but a deep-dive into an art topic" is a very good description of intriguing information that really sticks in the mind for these important fundamentals that seem to be glossed over in typical tutorials. And the passion that Jazza seemed to have delivering this was a big part of this too.

  • Ok but how do I draw hands

  • What type of marker are you using? It looks like it can do both finer lines and thicker lines when needed.

  • idk man this seems kinda sketch

  • I low key want to curse into the heavens at everyone who DIDN’T TELL ME THIS IS A THING!!! Why is the perception of art that people who are good at it just sit down, draw a picture *once* and add color *also once*. Like -boom- easy three step process and if you’re struggling you’re bad at art. Angry rant aside, thank you so much for talking about this!

    • I once had an art teacher who im pretty sure was never an artist irl, (or at lest never drew?) cause she legit thought sketches were a completed piece and wanted us to "draw not sketch"

  • What happened to the plant?!?!?!!

  • Thank u

  • ..haven't seen you in a while. hello.

  • Got it be loose and have fun! Thanks JAZZA! Be open to free ideas and practice

  • ive been gone a while. what's all this talk of a alien plant? someone please fill me in

  • I actually prefer the skull on the left, haha.

  • Yay! We love all your content, Jazza, but your tutorials are my favorite

  • Now I see what I'm doing so wrong while sketching

  • I've been drawin since I was 8 years old. So 12, almost 13 years now! And these are some pretty helpful tips! Another tip I can give you if you usually sketch traditionally: Use different pencils for different sketching!!! I tend to lose myself in the fun of sketching a lot and what I end up with is basically a final drawing...but it's in pencil. To prevent that. Take a pencil that seems it needs some sharpening, DONT SHARPEN IT and do the sketching with that! That way you'll also have a harder time adding details so then maybe you wont want to do them because of the t h i c c lines. At least that's my case haha. I usually use that for rough sketches. I use rough sketching just to find shapes; to get basic anatomy done for example. No details. Just shapes. Then if I want it to be a bit of a refined sketch I usually take my mechanical pencil and add a few details ontop BUT WITH A VERY LIGHT HAND. Then that's usually it for me cause I like to paint in acrylics. But Jazza's video has more info on how to move onto the inking process so watch that part again!

  • I am very glad to see a Tips-and-Tricks video from you. I know you don't enjoy tutorials, but those are so helpful. Even if you have covered the topic before, sometimes you can say it in a slightly different way that speaks to and thus becomes a new tool for a whole new group of people.

  • Awesome tutorial-ish tip video!

  • Great stuff. I love these kind of videos! Though at 7:37 my brain kept think it looks like it isn't your arm, which was really funny to think about! :)

  • The good commentary in this video cured me from the previous video

  • Think you man ♥

  • Thank you for sharing this! It helps explain it better! Love your art, it is amazing!

  • I love this! This was the original type of content for Jazza! I love the “how to” so much more than the “can I”


  • But what did the skull cost? Jazza

  • You sir, have just quite literally, saved my art

  • How can I sketch wrong when I don't sketch

  • Hey Jazza can u show me how to blend (chameleon )markers

  • thank you for this, I just took up painting and I love it , I think sketching might help.

  • I'd like to understand and learn how you do your line art. Would you make a video?

  • Me who calls her sketch the final phase of the drawing: oh,okay.

    • @FLARE oh... I thought you were talking 'bout jazza

    • @- I'm talking about me tho, lol.

    • *his

  • Wow I thought I had been doing sketching wrong the entire time. This is the first time I've seen a real artist's work look like my unrefined sketching. I think I understand that my intent was always incorrect when sketching which cause me to get frustrated and quit.

  • I’d be interested in a video about proper posture, stretches, or hand exercises that you may use as an artist (sitting or standing and creating). Idk why this video made me think of that in particular, but I really think it would be useful!

    • Oh yea, many people prolly dont realize that drawing too much without stretching properly can really fuk up your hand. Ive got permanent nerve damage in my hand and now i have to take a break every so often otherwise my hand starts to not listen to me.

  • Nice.

  • It's always good to return to the basics now and then.

  • Don’t worry, he got the skull by grabbing his scissors and stabbing the person holding him at gun point in the last video

  • low fidelity prototype --> high fidelity prototype --> product (+ test and revisit if necessary)

  • What happen with the other video

  • A sketch shouldn't look like 1st grade geometry, it should look like a ps2/ps3 game

  • Pretty good hints, I have drawn some pretty good images based on how to guides but never anything that has come from a sketch before and part of the reason may be because I want to get to the details when I'm not ready to do that.

  • Tnx a lot...

  • I'm in art school to become an illustrator, and I still have issue with perspective and anatomy. XD

    • @Hrp Drp Thank you! I'll try it out. 🌹

    • There is a method that no one really uses but it worked for me so ill share it to you in hopes it helps. Instead of sketching the basic shapes, try swirls, like drawing tornados for arms. The swirling can help visualize things as 3d Works for torsos and legs as well.

  • Make this a series please!! I will happily take drawing tips instead of full tutorials if you dont want to do full blown tutorials anymore 😃 your a great artists.. share your tips!

  • did just time-traveled? then again I don't care I like it.

  • 4:14 me who is going to have an important art exam tomorrow where they cant have references and came to this video to get tips for sketching 👁️👄👁️

  • How bout a tip about shading with different color types like markers, crayons, color pencils...ect

  • Step 1:Be good at drawing

  • Thank you sir 👌👌

  • Let's simplify it even more. To be better at sketching, you need: Reference + practice. Anyway, good video!

  • Can u give me ur number or something by which i can talk to u

  • Jazza bro u talk too much but thats not a problem u also talk fast and i cant understand it

  • Jazza bro u talk too much but thats not a problem u also talk fast and i cant understand it

  • as someone who heavily neglects sketching, this was so useful. thank you!

  • this video is very sketchy

  • I thought the skull on the left had nothing wrong with it. Like it was identical to the one on the right.... oof

  • Very helpful, thanks. I will try that.

  • Oh jazza u just remembered that their is something CALLED sketching. Jazza: interesting ur right

  • This is what im here for! Thank you Jazza! You have helped me improve my style and artwork exponentially!

  • Me: (while seeing the video) ha ha it's easy I can do it Me:(after trying it out) tear that paper and put it in a dust bin 😂

  • Jazza is your app free

  • Yes, please more content like this!!! This is the best explanation of sketching technique & purpose that I've ever heard and I grew up with an artist for a Mom who taught me my first drawing, plus a couple of years of art in high school, and now my kid is a full-blown artist who likes to tell me how to do art (bc teens know everything, I've heard). I'm just getting back into it since illustration hasn't been my forte and this is blowing my mind.

  • I’ve been watching your channel for many years, and I’ve always wanted to ask. Can you please do a video with absolutely no fast forward when drawing? I dunno, I think it’d help your viewers connect and relate with your art better.