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  • I think the ones shown in the beginning were more superior in terms of animation.

  • 2:55 is the best animation

  • I wish I had the ability to do this Oh wait! I can, I just won't.

  • You can create your own onion skins with the image transparent option. Copying then pasting as a photo instead of an image. Then send it in the back and add transparency, then when your done with that slide delete the onion skin and repeat.

  • 3:33 !!!!

  • The slap...simple, but priceless! (5:49)

  • How remembers dave 77748 Angry Birds Power point animations

  • 3:18 The face of Jazza thinking people may be able to steal his job using only keyboard, mouse and powerpoint

  • We gotta naruto v Sasuke animation

  • Omg I never could choose who was the best.... holy moly

  • That’s it! I’m gonna start animation with PowerPoint !!!!

  • "I should have not opened up with flexing" hahaha you funny, but your animation is still great tho.

  • Can you draw Olivia rodrigo please if possible can you do it from her *good 4 you* I did one and l will love to see your attempt on it it Took me a week

  • The maniacal anthony naturally admit because net dimensionally milk afore a knotty drawbridge. childlike, delirious gender

  • I don't understand why there are dislikes in this video?

    • Jazza will do BTS in next video BTS is good and everybody like them so a Jazza will do BTS

    • He made it clear that this is an animation contest. Yet he judged and chose winners based on the concept/theme instead of animation.

  • That noir one was so goddamn good

  • Why do I feel like I've watched this person twice every year?

  • 4:35 Ingrid??

  • another Jazza skillshare ad!!!!

  • This is the right useage of powerpoint, you IT companies

  • All of those animations were amazing how the Frick do you do that in PowerPoint to all of the animators from that competition stop being so amazing but in all seriousness keep doing what you are doing. How are you are PowerPoint animations?


  • Jazza didnt even put the files in the description. Dong it ( Heres an edit, okay, it mightbe videos but i want these animations!) (To watch)

  • Challenge: Make and entire animated series with Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Of course, it is all opinion, but I feel that the ones using "anime-style" animations are the "best". It takes a lot of effort to draw every frame and on top of that to make it look good. But it's just my opinion after all ^^

  • I feel like the one where the girl turns into the fox should have won tbh

  • I once made a cartoon using power point too. As a thanking gift to our teachers on our last day at school. But it was like a more like a stop motion video.

    • 😂 that's pretty good too

  • jazza,exe.hasstopped

  • PLEASE tell me i am not the only one who realized that one of these people used the mha theme from season two for audio

  • mha op in a naruto animation smh

  • The bizarre apple intriguingly supply because chef consecutively pack near a clean reduction. unruly, loutish whistle

  • 5:59 be like - Now the world shall know "pain"

  • Before this video was published I saw GTA video and I didn't believe it but the creator/ animator just casually posted a link to download the original PowerPoint and when I opened it, it just blow my mind, this is the best one of them all. This the first time I watch this video and actually knowing he won makes me happy:)

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Omgg, damn! Thats so cool!

  • I need a huion but my dad won't give it to me cuz he thought it was just a pad

  • I saw naruto and saske final fight in one of those animations..

  • Thanks to this video I realised I can do without a drawing tablet

  • Dude Jazza laughs when someone gets his head blasted of lol

  • My favorite was the cute plant animation 💕

  • 2:26 I instantly thought of Caleb and Jester, lol

  • It's amazing what you can do these days

  • Goddd daaangg, these people are talented!!!

  • In the middle of this video I got a skill share and it was FRICKIN JAZZA!!! It’s so cool that you were in the add

  • That got dark with the jazza animation

  • That is so cool! My plans also to use the full potential of PowerPoint in my animated videos for my stories.

  • 4:46

  • 3:32

  • I think you should have given more prizes. Man many animations were so damn awesome!

  • I gotta be honest.. I think that night city one should've been one of the winners and not the one that got 3rd place.. :/ but yeah there were alot of good ones so i could see how that was a hard choice x)

  • nice top 3, really entertaining ..

  • People should use PowerPoint to make modern flash animations

  • I'm jelly AF, you guys are amazing at animation

  • Jazza: You got the win ! YOU ALSO GOT THE WIN ! ALL OF YOU GOT THE WIN!

  • People being able to animate in powerpoint meanwhile me with an ipad not being able to do shit half as good 😂

  • Jazza should do a video like this exept with windows live movie maker and ms paint.

  • Naruto???

  • Thanks for choosing my art to display . Love your content 💗

  • Where can I find like this pls?

  • Stumbled upon the video looking to see something cool. Leaving with mind blown

  • Im late for the competition

  • that is why google slides is worse

  • Imagine being an animation based youtuber and all the others go "I use this xyz software and this xyz thing" and you go "I use PowerPoint"


  • Don't look at my shame! I was young!!

  • nice work

  • the naruto vs sasuke fight was the best in my opinion

  • Bruh he did naruto vs sauske with mha music

  • Animators: Actually Doing Something cool Me: HAHA PiXEL TRANSITION GO BRRRRR

  • know

  • 2:55 weebs now

  • Actualy i.m pretty good at ppt but after watching this video ...nag guh no ... I.m just starting to climb to hight mountain. Jezzzz

  • i also create animation in my channel.(low quality though :( )

  • 6:50 reminds me of Steven Universe Future when steven leaves Beach City.

  • 3:01. Does anybody know what show this is from. It’s a remake of a scene I can’t remember what show though.

  • I feel that the decisions were to be made by Jazza himself, let's support the winners instead of trying to say that someone else was better because at the end of the day, they are all great.

  • JaZza is actually the master of power point he made us think we were watching a recording of him reacting to powerpoint but actually just a powerpoint in realistic style of him making this video which why he took a week for him to get this video out

  • You’re an irritating sod that’s trying to be funny! Just show us how to animate instead of animating yourself!

  • That animation slaps.

  • 5:23 danm this music is good whats it name

  • Another software you can use is google slides

  • I am fan of you, I want be a artist like you, but my perents will never buy that drawing thingy , my age is 12 and I live in india

  • I am fan of you but can't even afford a s-pen 😭

  • Oh my god i love gta

  • The little slap animation and the way you reacted to it. Golden.

  • So my dad is'nt the only person who says mucked this up.

  • Aaaaaand my self-esteem just got reduced to ashes... Great

  • Music at 5:48?

  • Lol it’s called constellations for the stars lol

  • Sooo the next meeting I lead will for sure have powerpoint and it will be lit AF. Thanks for the inspiration.


  • jazza: I made a very good animation in PowerPoint! everyone else that was shown in the video: hold our collective beer.

  • 12:38: Love that GTA4-inspired animation

  • how to play the edit with not pressing anything

  • #PowerPointAnimator 3:33

  • I wish I saw this competition. When I was a kid I learned how to animate in powerpoint before flash. I have some crazy old powerpoint documents that pushed the limits of what the program could do.

  • Welp time for me to do my animation in power point .

  • Jazza's "mind blown" count: ∞


  • this is like parents picking who is the best kid

  • 'comes in a bunch of really cool colours' shows a bunch of different shades of grey...